Product Name: Vitamin AD3
CAS No:/
Standard:House standard
Vitamin AD3 Feed Grade House Standard

Vitamin A: 3000 IU      Vitamin D3: 200IU

Item Standard Results
Appearance Yellow to brown particles Conform
Assay(dry content %) 98.5 to 101.5 99.6
Identification  Color Reaction I: Positive   Positive      
 Color Reaction II: Positive  Positive     
HPLC: Conforms Conform
Vitamin A Acetate content 1,000,000IU/g 1,020,000IU/g
Vitamin D3 content 200,000IU/g 205,500IU/g
Heavy metal 10ppm 1ppm
Arsenic 1ppm 1ppm
Loss on drying 5.0% 3.2%
Granularity 97% go through the sieve of 0.6mm (US  mesh sieve NO.30) 99.2%

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